Welcome to my first blog as LP Designs.

Now you are reading this I can only assume you have found my brand new website. I cannot thank Scroll Works enough for all the hard work and effort that has gone into this website over the last so many weeks. I can now offer my clients a private password protected space to view their images.

You may have noticed after finding your way here we have have a fabulous new logo. You might be thinking there wasn’t anything wrong with the old logo which right enough there wasn’t but at the time of launching my business I was very busy with setting up my business setting up sorting out all the legal side and making sure I had everything I needed as well as constant learning so the logo didn’t have a great deal of thought put into it at the time. When I started I wasn’t sure what direction the business was going in or which area I would specialize in at the time. Now I know! LP Designs offer a range of services but specialize in family portraits this is where I feel my skills are best used and come across best and are very popular here at LP designs. Family portraits is a big part of my business & I love welcoming all my new and regular clients into my studio where a hot cuppa tea or coffee & some biscuits is always on hand :)!

I wanted a fresh perspective on the logo so decided to work close with another company on getting this right.
Alot of hard work and effort went into this new logo & I want to show you some of the concepts we came up with along with the final concept.

Main idea was the tree was meant to symbolize the whole family portraits side of the business however I decided not to stick with this.





Below is the final concept we come up with and decided to use as LP Designs new logo. I feel this bring out the most what we do and I wanted to include the three colours from the previous logo into the new one and feel that it works perfect here! Photography is the biggest part of LP Designs this is why we chose a camera to be such a huge part in the logo along with the little family inside hopefully symbolizing the fact we specialize in family portraits.



lpdesignsnew5 lpdesignsnew6










I will try update this blog with interesting new posts on a regular basis so keep popping back for a read :)!

I hope you have enjoyed my first post and will continue to follow my story!


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